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KC Blodgett

Currently the Immediate Past President of the Kansas State Lodge, Vice President of the Kansas State Lodge for (6) years, and Chaplain of the Kansas State Lodge for (3) years. A member "in good standing" of the Fraternal Order of Police since Febrauary 1970, Topeka Lodge #3. Have held the following positions with Lodge #3, Chaplin, 2nd Vice President, Vice President, and President. Sec/Treasurer of Western States for the past (2) years and reappointed in Long Beach, CA by Chairman Tony Harrison of South Dakota. In 2007 appointed to the Credentials Committee of the National Lodge and 2009 was asked by National President Chuck Canterbury to "Chair" that committee. Other Law Enforcement groups that I am associated with are Past President and founder of the Kansas Narcotic Officers Association in 1992, Past President of the National Drug Enforcement Officers Association, and currently an instructor for "TOP GUN" a basic Narcotic Class. I was a member of the Topeka Police Department from 1970 till September 1997 when I retired as the Lieutenant in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Unit.



Bob Martinez
New Mexico


Secretary / Treasurer

Tony Harrison
Rapid City, SD

Tony has been involved with the FOP since 1999 when he was an charter member of his local lodge, SD Lodge #2 in Rapid City. He has held nearly every office in his local FOP lodge from President of the FOP Union, VP, Secretary and Treasurer. Tony became involved in the state FOP in 2001 when he was elected as the State Treasurer. In 2005 he was elected the National Trustee for South Dakota. In that same time he was the Western States FOP Secretary / Treasurer, Co-chair and most recently Chairman. He was re-elected to the Secretary / Treasurer Position in 2015. He has been a member of the National Education Services committee and currently is assigned as a member of the National Member / Recruitment Committee. Tony is a Narcotics Sergeant with the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office where he supervises the City / County / State Drug Task Force called the Unified Narcotics Enforcement Team.



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